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Deluxe Merlin 2 Woodcarving Mini Angler Grinder Worlds Smallest Chain Saw

Deluxe Merlin 2 Woodcarving Mini Angler Grinder Worlds Smallest Chain Saw

Deluxe Merlin 2 Woodcarving Mini Angler Grinder Worlds Smallest Chain Saw   Deluxe Merlin 2 Woodcarving Mini Angler Grinder Worlds Smallest Chain Saw
MERLIN2® DELUXE SET introduces the biggest innovation to the mini-angle grinder since the worlds smallest chainsaw! The innovative HTC (Hexagonal Threaded Connector) Backing Pad connects Merlin2® to a world of new possibilities with more new disc choices to sculpt, carve, sand, polish, grind and deburr. Merlin2® offers a small and portable, lightweight, low noise, low vibration alternative to the need for an air compressor. Merlin2® can now accept a wide selection of Hook & Loop, 3M RolocTM, Quick Change, Surface Conditioning and Bristle Disc attachments with the addition of the HTC Backing Pad. New customized attachments transform Merlin2® into an exceptional crossover power tool with expanded uses.

A wizard OF A TOOL for creating shapes, textures and getting into hard to reach areas. Excellent for woodturning, woodcarving, miniature woodworking, cleanup and finishing. Everything you need for sanding, debarking, deburring, blending, finishing and polishing. REPLACES WIRE BRUSHES for metalwork, automotive, defect, scratch and rust removal.

Safe TO USE with minimal vibration and low noise, RoHS compliant. Merlin2® is the second generation of mini-angle grinders designed to use with woodworking accessories. Upgraded Electronics Improved Motor One Piece Cast Aluminum Safety Guard Spiral Bevel Gears Recessed Switch Guard Larger Fan Additional Side Vents Improved Cord Textured Grip Finish Includes Heavy Duty Merlin2 Canvas Storage Bag.

1 - QC Surface Disc Brown - Coarse 10060A 1 - QC Bristle Disc Green - Coarse 10061A 1 - QC Bristle Disc Yellow - Medium 10062A 1 - QC Buffing Pad 10065A 2(50mm) HOOK & LOOP ACCESSORIES 1 - H&L Backing Pad - Soft 10063A 1 - H&L Backing Pad - Medium 10064A 4 - H&L 80 Grit Sanders 10066A 4 - H&L 120 Grit Sanders 10067A 4 - H&L 180 Grit Sanders 10068A 4 - H&L 240 Grit Sanders 10069A 4 - H&L 320 Grit Sanders 10070A 4 - H&L 400 Grit Sanders 10071A 4 - H&L 600 Grit Sanders 10072A. King Arthurs Tools is p roud to bring you the Kirjes pneumatic miniature sanding and finishing system from Sweden. Invented by a Swedish fine furniture maker - this complete miniature sanding and polishing system that will change the way you think about sanding and polishing forever! Guinevere® is exclusively distributed by King Arthurs Tools. Includes: Guinevere Motor Flexible Shaft Double-Acting Hand Pump Round Inflatable Sander Drum Inflatable Sander 2 Complete Sets of Sleeves for Round & Drum Sanders (Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine) Sander Cleaning Stick Allen Key This is a great starter system, with a wide assortment of additional sanding and polishing accessories and attachments - you can build the custom system you want! It is a well-known fact within woodworking circles that pneumatic or inflatable sanders achieve fast, gentle and smooth sanding. Building on this knowledge Kirjes developed not only the inflatable sanders under a new patented design but also a complete well balanced sanding and polishing system suitable for wood, metal, plastic, bone and horn. It is, with out doubt, the most revolutionary sanding system to come out in years.

Guinevere uses two inflatable rubber sanders, flat and round, each with four sanding sleeves, from coarse to extra fine, fitted either to a flexible shaft or the quiet 12 HP (300 watt) motor. The inflatable sanders are ruggedly built from Swedish steel and heavy rubber. From the quiet yet powerful motor to the complete range of long life sanding cloth sleeves, Guinevere ensures complete control over the sanding process. This system easily eliminates your laborious hand sanding process, saving you countless hours of sanding while puffing a beautiful, silky smooth finish on your masterpieces.

You will actually enjoy this sanding experience. A Treasure Of Natural Beauty Within The Wood. Underneath all that wood, often deep in the grain, waiting for you to reveal its natural beauty- lies the treasure within! And in every creation made from wood it really is there, that beautiful silky smooth surface, even though it might still be concealed from the human eye. What can bring this feeling and beauty to the world?

Only with Guinevere can you touch wood and experience a smoothness and velvet touch that is truly unique, revealing its natural beauty, structure and colors. Using Guinevere isnt just about sanding Its a rewarding journey every time.

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Deluxe Merlin 2 Woodcarving Mini Angler Grinder Worlds Smallest Chain Saw   Deluxe Merlin 2 Woodcarving Mini Angler Grinder Worlds Smallest Chain Saw